About Us

The John Hindmarsh Environmental Trust Fund was established in 1996 as a way of honouring John’s lifetime achievements and interest in the conservation of our natural environmental.

On his farm John reforested marginal land, created ponds for fish and waterfowl and implemented soil and water conservation techniques. He was also instrumental in the restoration and preservation of conservation lands such as Naftel’s Creek and the Saratoga Swamp. He planted trees to reduce erosion and protect headwater areas, established fish and wildlife habitats, created walking trails, and then donated these lands to the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority.

John has been extremely generous in sharing his vast knowledge about nature. He led endless outings and adventures for friends, family, and children. They always returned with renewed enthusiasm for the outdoors. Above all John wanted to teach us how important it is to value and protect our natural heritage.

Following his death in 1995 the community responded with a great outpouring of sadness, affection and gratitude for John’s generosity. Many believe that there could be no better tribute to him than a fund to perpetuate the projects he held dear.

The John Hindmarsh Environmental Trust is administered by the Maitland Conservation Foundation. The Foundation is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization.

The Trust Fund supports environmental projects being undertaken by community organizations in partnership with the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority. The Trust Fund has a special interest in supporting initiatives in the Goderich and Lake Huron shoreline area. Receipts are available for any donation of $10 or more. On-line donations can be made at http://www.canadahelps.org .

For further information you can visit our page on the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority website:


Or you can reach the Trust Fund at:

John Hindmarsh Environmental Trust Fund
Box 127, Wroxeter, ON
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Phone (519) 335-3557
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