Our annual Plant Sale and Spring Walk was a great success!

JHETF May 3 15-1
JHETF May 3 15-3The plant and compost sale was held at the Columbus Hall in Goderich on May 3, 2015.  In spite of a cold spring there was a wide variety of plants available at the sale.

The John Hindmarsh Environmental Trust Fund took in $1237 dollars from the sale of plants and composted manure, as well as a few donated items.

All the manure was sold and most of the plants. John Hazlitt donated 3 obelisks and 2 of these were sold.

We also had  bid jars for a donated rain barrel and a donated composter. Both items sold for about $60 each which was very worthwhile .

The weather cooperated which was a bonus.JHETF May 3 15-2'

Wendy Hoernig and Roger Goddard each led Spring Walks through the Maitland Woods as part of our event, and these were quite well attended and interesting.

We had  a great crew of volunteers. All in all, a pleasant and successful event!JHETF May 3 15-4

Many thanks to everyone —whether it was help with the preparations, with the actual event, with the  clean-up or with posting information on the website later, there is always lots of work involved and we appreciate all of it!